About Me 

Hello and welcome to my brand new site, Onlinecasiɳo.com. My name’s Jake and I live on a farm, surrounded by chickens! Every morning I’m out at 4.30 am picking the best eggs out from under my prize collection of hens. I breed chickens here too, with hundreds being born every year.

After getting up so early, I’ve got plenty of time during the rest of the day to pursue my number one passion – online casino gambling. I’ve discovered that betting a few dollars every day on my favorite slot games can go a long way, and it sure is a fine way to pass the time. I set up this site so my friends can see what I’ve been up to and to offer them a few tips to win some extra money! I myself have moved on to try the French casino en ligne market and try a new challenge. I’ve also learnt a thing or two about the language since I’ve been playing the foreign casinos like – jouer casino en ligne means ‘play online casino’ in French. My friends will be impressed!

So for the rest of you, be sure to visit these sites I have hand picked for you. There is a selection of no deposit casino sites, casino UK sites as well as 1 hour free casino bonuses to help you get on your way. Take your time and enjoy the the huge variety of casino games whilst hopefully winning a few bucks along the way!!

Just remember to always shop around for a good bonus at a casino online, as I have seen so many new punters get drawn in by the bright lights and sparkles and miss out on what matters the most!! The bonus money!! Pick casinos that offer free slots and video poker and aren’t afraid to pay out their players and offer a transparent look into their bonus structure. I also recommend sticking with casinos that actually have certifications or affiliations with industry regulators.

In this site you’ll find some info on my fave online casino slots and online casino sites which I’ve discovered in the past year. I hope you have a clucking good time at a casino online!

– Jake